All sessions are conducted virtually via Simple Practice, a secure telehealth platform.

Not at this time check back in the future! Right now, all appointments are conducted virtually. Schedule at your convenience and from the comfort of your own home (or any quiet/private space you want!)

I will be located in my home office, free from distractions and in complete privacy. All PHI (private health information) remains confidential!

Nope! In fact, I am also licensed in Montana, North Carolina, and Wyoming! If you don’t live in one of those four states, than you must live in one of the following states in order for me to be able to work with you via telehealth:
-New York

The 3-month packages are $1,200 (if paying fully out of pocket). If we’re able to accept your insurance, I will provide your financial obligation in detail prior to beginning. Payment plans are available.

Initial Assessments are $160 and 60 minutes long. Follow-up sessions are $80 and 30 minutes long. You must have had an initial assessment to schedule a follow-up session.

The 7-day custom meal plan is $75. The 21-day custom meal plan is $225. Please note- this service will not be covered by any insurance plan. This is purely out-of-pocket.

Rates are subject to change in the future

You may schedule an appointment directly from the appointments page. You may also request a phone call or fill out my google form if you have additional questions. 

Sessions are conducted virtually, via a secure online telehealth platform called Simple Practice.

Before the first session we’ll get you set up in your online client portal, where you will complete intake forms, put a credit card on file, and complete payment. Payments will be due prior to or at the time of service.Y

Yes! We participate with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) and United Healthcare (UHC) at this time. We are considered out of-network for all other insurances. If you are out-of-network, you can be provided a Superbill upon request.

The Plant Potential accepts credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club) through our secure online platform.

A card must be on file prior to your appointment.

The meal plans can be purchased at the time of scheduling. For nutrition counseling, payment will be made after our free discovery call.

Start by calling the 800 number on the back of your insurance card & ask to speak to a representative. Please check out the insurance page here for a script with everything you need to ask